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MK11 Fatalities Guide

MK11 Fatalities Guide

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Bring all over-the-top finishers into your Mortal Kombat 11 matches — add bloody and violent joy into the fight!

There are lots of reasons to play fighting games. First of all, it’s fun — and this is the main moving power for most gamers. Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities bring that fun to a new level. They are hilarious, to the point of absurdity. Just watching them is very special entertainment (not for everyone, though). MK11 fatalities bring you impressively stylish victories by literally destroying your opponents.

Do you like MK11 fatalities? Then let us figure out how to perform all of them for each MK11 character!

Bloody, controversial, and so awesome MK11 fatalities

It seems like everyone in Mortal Kombat 11 likes fatalities. Your opponent has zero health left, and you have five seconds to let the round end, perform MK11 Mercy, Brutality, Friendship, or activate the fatality. The choice is always of the winner.

Each Mortal Kombat 11 character has two fatalities. They can be activated by a specific combination — but the problem is that you don’t know both the MK11 fatality inputs from the beginning. The menu shows only the first one, and you need to unlock the second fatality in Krypt to see it in the game.

Thank goodness, there is DashFight in the Internet wilderness! In this MK11 guide, we’ve collected all the fatality inputs so that you could start practicing them right away. Maybe this will make your training a bit easier (but still fun and super effective).

How to do fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11?

Fatalities in MK11 can be activated by special inputs. First, you need to destroy the health of your opponent to 0. When you see the sign Finish Him/Her, be ready to press the fatality button combinations.

Let’s start with simplifying control inputs. Mortal Kombat 11 is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. These systems have their unique layouts for gamepads, so for these (and other fighting games guides), we use the following standard codes for every button.

MK11 Controls — Standard Button Codes

Short Code MK Move/Attack PlayStation Xbox Switch PC (keyboard)
F Forward
B Back
U Up
D Down
1 Front Punch Square X Y J
2 Back Punch Triangle Y X I
3 Front Kick Cross A B K
4 Back Kick Circle B A L

Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11 — Inputs

Character Fatality Input
Baraka 1. Food for Thought (Close)

2. Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close)
B, D, B, 2

B, F, B, 3
Cassie Cage 1. I <3 U (Mid)

2. #GirlPower (Mid)
D, D, F, 4

B, D, D, B, 2
Cetrion 1. Maintaining Balance (Mid)

2. Good and Evil (Mid)
B, D, F, D, 4

B, D, B, 3
D'vorah 1. New Species (Close)

2. Can't Die (Mid)
B, F, B, 3

B, D, D, 4
Erron Black 1. Melted (Mid)

2. Death Trap (Mid)
D, D, D, 1

D, F, D, 2
Frost 1. Ice Sculpture (Close)

2. The Cyber Initiative (Mid)
F, B, D, 1

B, F, D, F, 4
Fujin 1. Wind Blade (Far)

2. Twisted Twister (close)
B. D, D, B, 1

F, B, D, 2
Geras 1. Phasing Through Time (Anywhere)

2. Peeling Back (Close)
B, D, D, 3

D, F, B, 1
Jacqui Briggs 1. Spider Mines (Mid)

2. Nothin' But Neck (Mid)
F, B, F, 3

B, F, B, 4
Jade 1. Bow Before Me

2. Pole Dance (Close)
D, D, F, D, 4

B, F, D, F, 1
Jax Briggs 1. Coming In Hot (Close)

2. Still Got It (Close)
F, D, F, 3

B, F, B, D, 1
Johnny Cage 1. Mr. Cage's Neighborhood (Close)

2. Who Hired This Guy (Close)
F, B, D, D, 4

F, D, F, 1
Joker 1. Party Pooper (Mid)

2. Pop Goes the Mortal (Mid)
D, F, B, 2

B, D, B, 1
Kabal 1. Road Rash (Mid)

2. Hooked (Close)
B, F, D, F, 3

D, D, D, 4
Kano 1. Last Dance (Close)

2. Face Like a Dropped Pie (Close)
F, D, D, 1

B, D, F, 2
Kitana 1. Gore-Nado (Mid)

2. Royal Execution (Mid)
D, D, D, D, 2

D, B, F, 1
Kollector 1. For the Kollection (Close)

2. Head Lantern (Close)
D, D, D, D, 4

D, F, B, 1
Kotal Kahn 1. Totem Sacrifice (Close)

2. Kat Food (Close)
B, D, B, 3

B, F, B, F, 1
Kung Lao 1. Headed Nowhere (Close)

2. Meat Slicer (Close)
D, F, B, D, 2

D, F, D, 3
Liu Kang 1. Burn Out (Close)

2. Belly of the Beast (Mid)
D, B, D, F, 1

B, D, B, F, 2
Mileena 1. Spinning Out of Control (Mid)

2. Violent Delights (Close)
B, D, B, 2

F, D, D, 4
Nightwolf 1. War Ritual (Close)

2. Komo-tose (Close)
F, B, F, B, 2

D, D, D, D, 4
Noob Saibot 1. Double Trouble (Mid)

2. Split Decision (Close)
B, F, B, F, 4

D, D, D, 1
Raiden 1. Alternating Current (Mid)

2. Direct Current (Close)
B, D, B, 1

D, F, B, 3
Rain 1. Eye-solated

2. Power Washer (close)
B, F, B, D, 2

B, D, D, 1
Rambo 1. Straight to Valhalla (Far)

2. Parrilla Thrilla (Close)
B, F, D, 1

D, F, D, 4
RoboCop 1. Dead Or Alive (Close)

2. Thank You For Your Cooperation (Mid)
B, F, D, D. 2

F, D, F, 1
Scorpion 1. You're Next (Far)

2. Chain Reaction (Far)
B, D, D, 1

D, F, B, 2
Shang Tsung 1. Condemned the Damned (Mid)

2. Shokan Reborn (Mid)
B, F, D, D, 1

B, F, B, 4
Shao Kahn 1. Back Blown Out (Close)

2. Kahn-Sequences (Close)
B, F, D, D, 2

B, F, B, 1
Sheeva 1. Stomp The Yard (Close)

2. Spinal Tap (Close)
D, D, D, 1

F, D, D, F, 3
Sindel 1. Scream Queen (Close)

2. Hair Today Gone Tomorrow (Mid)
D, D, F, 4

B, F, B, 1
Skarlet 1. Bloody Mess (Mid)

2. Heart Kondition (Mid)
B, F, D, 3

D, D, F, 4
Sonya Blade 1. To the Choppa (Mid)

2. Supply Drop (Close)
D, F, B, 2

B, F, D, 3
Spawn 1. Rest in Pieces (Mid)

2. Unchained (Mid)
F, B, D, D, 3

F, B, F, 4
Sub-Zero 1. I'm Back (Close)

2. Target Terminated (Mid)
B, F, B, 2

F, D, F, 4
Terminator T-800 1. I'm Back (Close)

2. Target Terminated (Mid)
B, F, B, 1

D, F, D, 4

How to unlock all fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11?

Both types of fatalities are available from the start of your MK11 experience, so you don’t need to unlock something to perform them — you just need to know the input. 

Inputs for the first fatalities are visible in the menu by default, you don’t need to do anything to have them.

To get second fatalities in MK11, you need to complete the adventure in Krypt. This dark area offers quite a different style of gameplay than the core fighting matches. Here, you explore the dungeons, solve puzzles, and collect loot. In some of the MK11 Krypt chests, you’ll find fatalities — that is how you start seeing them in the menu as well. The whole process is not that easy.

You can check out our guide on obtaining all Key Items in Krypt of Mortal Kombat 11, where we describe the process of entering different areas, but even this will not help you find all the fatalities. The main distinguishing feature of Krypt is the randomness of items in chests. Two players start their adventure but both have their unique sequence of obtaining items. In the end, when all the chests are open, all the players get identical sets of rewards — but you never know where you will find this fatality or that brutality.

MK11 Krypt — cases with fatalities

While exploring Krypt, you will use three types of resources:

  • Koins to open usual Treasure Chests
  • Souls to open Soul Vaults
  • Hearts to open Flaming Chests

Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities are hidden in Treasure Chests, so you need to save your koins. Look for the Treasure Chests that cost from 5,000 to 8,000 koins — they contain fatalities and brutalities.

Still, it is not recommended to avoid all the other chests. You will get lots of useful stuff from them. Get the most from your experience in Krypt!

Is it necessary to unlock Fatalities in MK11?

One of the reasons why you don’t have to be focused on the Treasure Chests with fatalities is that you don’t have to unlock these finishes to use them in the game. As long as you know the button input, you can activate the second fatality for each character.

Of course, unlocking fatalities in Krypt will give you the convenience of seeing the combos directly in the game. And let these finishers prove your power for all those impudent opponents.

For obtaining even more items from Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt, check out our guides on Forge Recipes and MK11 Krypt Amulets.

Professional players also like using fatalities — they add a special spirit to their matches. Do you follow MK11 esports? Then stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook to be in the whir of the most interesting things from the fighting games multiverse!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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