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MK1 - Invasions S3: "The Cryomancer" The Rampart Mesa Guide

MK1 - Invasions S3: "The Cryomancer" The Rampart Mesa Guide

Sebastian Quintanilla
5 min

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Here is all the information you need to complete the final mesa of this invasion season.

Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion mode looks to provide players with season content in an interesting new format for the franchise. Unlike the franchise's previous entry called Krypt, Mortal Kombat 1’s single-player focused content presents a table-top-like game for players to explore, find secrets, and eventually unlock more cosmetics through its Seasonal Koins system and chests.

Throughout these guides, we will be exploring the details of Invasions, how to complete them, tips and tricks, and what rewards you can expect in the season of the Cryomancer.

Season 3 Mesas

The Story

Seeking to turn all timelines into a freezing hell, this titan Sub-Zero's plan is nothing short of demented. Bi-Han's drive to conquer the world for the Lin Kuei has driven him mad, as he jumps from timeline to timeline, freezing entire realms over. Leaving with no prisoners, he ought to be stopped before there is no one left to attempt it.

The Rampart

Heading into the final mesa of this season, remember that you must have finished Shang Tsung's Laboratory before entering this one.

Like last season, the Rampart sees you starting outside the Ying Fortress, making your way, and even into the high walls. The one key node to advance to the season's final boss is found on the wall. You can take either path, both are pretty long. Ultimately, you want to reach the "Squishy Shoes" node, which holds the Armory Key we are looking for.

Rampart Nodes

Node Name Level Opponent Klue / Modifiers
...By The Light 25 Kenshi
Throwing Shade 25 Reiko
Kameo 25 Johnny Cage Exploding Demon
Not Lion 25 Li Mei
Shocker 25 Raiden
Test Your Might - -
Blown Away 25 Geras Erupting Fireball
Testing Station 25 Shang Tsung
Mouthy 25 Mileena Use Havik's Fatality
Go Now 25 Asharah Dark Portal
Needy 25 Havik Freezing Floor
Dangerous 26 Baraka
Squelching 25 Kung Lao Blood Rain
No Purple 26 Rain
Big Fan 26 Kitana
Pipe Down 26 Smoke Volcano
Sneaky 26 Reptile
Fast Feet 26 Liu Kang
I Can Help You 26 General Shao
On The Ropes 26 Scorpion Energy Vacuum
Lethal Hahns 26 Sindel Use Kung Lao's Fatality
Guard Up 26 Tanya
Survive - - Frozen Chains
Night Stalker 26 Nitara
Red Rover 26 Three opponents
Test Your Might - -
New Award 27 Johnny Cage
Light & Dark 27 Ashrah
Hungry 27 Baraka Flaming Zombie
Part 2?? 27 Kung Lao
Set It Off 27 Sindel
Common Foe 27 Raiden
Pretty In Pink 27 Mileena Energy Cannon
Sand Blasted 27 Geras
Test Your Might - -
Party Pooper 27 Three opponents
Hard Times 27 General Shao Blood Wave
Lost Voice 27 Sindel Corpse Drop
Drenched 27 Rain
Beat Down 28 Reiko
Survive - - Ice Spikes
Munchies 28 Mileena
Squishy Shoes 28 Rain Mini-boss, Armory Key
Who Invited You?? 28 Three opponents
My Time 28 Liu Kang Exploding Acid Krystals
It's All The Sword 28 Kenshi
Do Not Feed 28 Baraka
That Hurts 29 Raiden Homing Iceball
I Have Feelings 29 Havik
Making Castles 29 Geras
Cold Shoulder 29 Sub-Zero Acid Bugs
The Other One 29 Kung Lao
Best Fans 29 Johnny Cage
Survive - - Ice Balls
Buzz Off 29 Tanya Fire Floor
Wing Dings 29 Nitara Fire Pillars
No Hanzo 29 Scorpion
Dethroned 29 Sindel
Notro H!!! 29 Sub-Zero Use Li Mei's Fatality
Faded 29 Li Mei Dark Fists
Fairest 29 Kitana
Don't Stare 29 Havik Fire zombie Arms
Thunder Down Under 29 Raiden Mesa Boss, Chest Portal
Icy Tomb 30 Sub-Zero Invasion Boss, Cryomancer Heart

Near the start of the mesa, after entering the Fortress in the courtyard, you will find the first Klue node under "Mouthy", which says ATOMIC, you will need to use Havik's fatality to unlock it.

The next klue node is found a few nodes forward, north of the forge, and up a few steps. Its name is "Lethal Hahns" with the Klue: SLAPPED TOGETHER. To unlock this one, you need to use Kung Lao's fatality.

The final Klue node here is found in the node "Notro H!!!" which Klue says BIG FINISH. In this case, use Li Mei's fatality to unlock it. If you want to see any of the other klues this season, you can see them all in one place here.

Like the other Cryomancer areas, you must defeat the Invasion boss to get the key team Cryomancer Heart. Thankfully, you do this in this mesa! The rampart then has two Cryomancer areas, both pretty small and both up in the walls. One is closer to a shop, and the other closer to a forge, so you can use those fast travels to reach them.

Rampart Cryomancer Heart Nodes Table

Node Name Level Opponent Klue / Modifiers
Green Screen 32 Reptile Swarm of Bats
Speared 31 Scorpion Fire Floor
Could Kill 31 Smoke Homing Darkball
No Cold Here 30 Sub-Zero Mini-boss, Energy Fists
Try Harder 32 Rain Ice Storm
The Final Fight 32 Shang Tsung Saw Blade
Working Hard 31 Raiden Electric Storm
Flying Away 31 Nitara Meat Kleaver
$1,000,000 Smile 30 Johnny Cage Mini-boss, Energy Fists

Rampart Skins

Node Requirement Skin
Mouthy Use Havik's Fatality Blizzard Commander (General Shao)
Big Fan Key Frozen Spin (Kung Lao)
Lethal Hahns Use Kung Lao's Fatality Winter Woman (Kitana)
Squishy Shoes Wintry Squall (Rain)
No Cold Here
Cryomancer Heart
Silent Mist (Smoke)
Infinite Blizzard (Geras)

You can check if you are missing on nodes by looking at the path's color. Uncleared paths are marked in green, cleared ones are in light blue, and paths you can’t move into are in red. You can also follow the green arrow for directions as to the quickest route to the end of the mesa.

How to Defeat The Invasions Boss: Sub-Zero

Once you've reached the final node of the season and are face to face with the mad leader of the invasion, Sub-Zero, you will face a difficult battle, maybe. The biggest challenge, as always, is super armor. There are relics that can allow you to ignore part of it, but you will need to time your attacks and blocks appropriately through all phases of the fight.

For phase two, Sub-Zero gets two new moves. One is a low-striking special that he charges up. It will kill on contact, no matter your armor, health, or resistance status. Your best bet is to jump over it or try to deal enough damage that he is stun out of it. The second move is similar to other Sub-Zero bosses of older seasons: a spear and axe projectiles that have different fly paths.

The third phase is where things get interesting. At the start, you will need to dodge his ice balls as they fly through the air. You can also see a teleport Kameo to escape, which will cancel the attack all together. Sub-Zero can use it again later in the round.

The big finish happens when Sub-Zero reaches 0 health, at which point he will teleport far away and begin growing an ice sphere that kills on touch. You need to find one of the yellow glowing water buckets and attack it; any poke, for instance, will do it.

After The Rampart

Once you've defeated Sub-Zero and put an end to his mad conquest, you will receive the key item Cryomancer Heart. With it, you can put down all the Cryomancer barriers in each mesa. You can revisit the guide of each mesa for a breakdown of the rewards and challenges that await you in each.

You can also aim to finish the challenges in the Gateway Portal, like the seasonal tower, for some extra rewards. If you haven't spent your seasonal tokens, you will also have a bunch waiting for you in the seasonal store to get whichever skins and palettes you have not earned yet.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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