Learn Advanced techniques in Anakin’s Tekken Academy Ep. 4

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Learn Advanced techniques in Anakin’s Tekken Academy Ep. 4
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Some advice from a professional Tekken 7 player would be super helpful

Hoa "Anakin" Luu continues his series of video guides for beginners. This pro Tekken 7 player discussed lots of basic aspects of the game in the first three episodes of Class in Session: Anakin’s Tekken Academy, which he makes with the support of Red Bull. Now, the fighting games community can delve into more advanced techniques in Episode 4.

First, Anakin reminds viewers of the previous videos, where he talks about controls in Tekken 7, gives advice on fighting in a real match, and explains in-fight movements.

Then, Hoa starts his new lesson and covers a few advanced mechanics:

  • Frame Data - players should learn how many frames each attack of their character takes (this aspect is significant for other fighting games as well, such as SSBU);
  • Command Throws to escape opponents’ throws;
  • Power Crush, which absorbs Mid and High hits;
  • Using the Wall to deal more damage;
  • Tech Rolls - an advanced recovery option;
  • Advanced Defense - techniques beyond just guarding.

Check out details on each topic in the video

Watch Class in Session: Anakin’s Tekken Academy Episode 4

Anakin recommends to not rush the learning process and allow yourself to practice everything step by step - and the Practice Mode in Tekken is one of the best places for this.

Good luck with your journey in Tekken 7! As long as you have fun in this fighting game and ready to learn new tricks, you have a great potential to grow and improve your Tekken rank.