Anakin Teaches Tekken - ep. 1

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Anakin Teaches Tekken - ep. 1
Red Bull
The first video of the educational series is out now.

Tekken 7 is a challenging game - there is no doubt about this. And it is super nice to get helpful advice and gentle guidance at the start of your journey in this legendary fighting game. Red Bull and Hoa “Anakin” Luu have decided to make a series of “how to play” videos - for beginners and intermediate players. The first episode is already available.

Check out the first video of Class In Session: Anakin's TEKKEN Academy right here.

The first lesson covers mostly basic aspects of the game: movements, attacks, blocks, combos. Sometimes such seemingly simple things may hide a key to success - you might miss something elementary and this slows down your further progress in Tekken fighting. Maybe after this course, you will be able to win tournaments, such as Afreeca Tekken 7 League.

Anakin even gave his “students” homeworks, and we have one week to do it - till the next episode is ready.

Tekken 7 is a continuation of the famous series and it took a lot from the predecessors. Have you played earlier installments in this franchise? Here is a list of all Tekken games, ranked by DashFight.