Episode 2 of Anakin's Tekken Academy is Out Now

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Episode 2 of Anakin's Tekken Academy is Out Now
Red Bull
Move from the basics to a bit more advanced techniques in the fighting game Tekken7.

The process of learning Tekken fighting mechanics is interesting and exciting, but it can be quite challenging when you make your first steps and want to get rewarding victories. Hoa "Anakin" Luu, a very successful Tekken 7 pro player, helps beginners to take the max from the game and not make pitiful mistakes at the starting point of developing playing skills.

Anakin and Red Bull started a series of educational videos Class In Session: Anakin's Tekken Academy. Last week, we got the very first episode, where Anakin covers the basics. And now the second video is already available on Red Bull TV.

Watch Anakin's Tekken Academy ep. 2

We encourage you to check it out - these pieces of advice can be helpful even if you have already spent quite a few hours in the game.

In this episode, Anakin talks about some significant things:

  • Don’t mash the buttons
  • Learn only limited amount of moves
  • Discovery range of attacks for your fighter
  • Practice standing from the ground
  • Punish your opponents

Of course, this theoretical knowledge will become helpful only if you try and use it in actual fighting matches. Good luck!

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