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DashFight Interview with LegendaryyPred at Evo 2022

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DashFight Interview with LegendaryyPred at Evo 2022
He is really legendary in the DBFZ world, and now the player starts carving his pas in MultiVersus.

Each time DashFight’s crew has a chance to visit a fighting esports tournament, we try to make interviews with the most prominent players. While enjoying the excitement of Evo 2022, we definitely could not let LegendaryyPred just walk away without answering a few questions. Yes, that awesome feeling of taking a glance a bit beyond those awesome fights on the screen.

LegendaryyPred is a great fighting games player who is mainly known for his successes at Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments. One of his most recent notable achievements is the first place at Combo Breaker 2022. Also, LegendaryyPred experiments with Guilty Gear -Strive-. And with all the attention towards MultiVersus, he plans to play this game professionally as well.

Wait a moment… Let the guy do the talking! Here is our exclusive interview with LegenaryyPred at Evo 2022.

What does it feel like to be here, at Evo?

Honestly, it’s not my first time being at Evo, and it’s actually a great experience. I would come every year.

The game changed quite a lot since the qualifiers to the World Championship. Do you plan to participate in the World Tour 2022/2023?

I will definitely try to qualify for the Global Final. And that’s an additional reason why I’ve come to Evo — to start the qualifications process as this is the first World Tour event. I will definitely try to qualify. Or better this way — I will qualify!

Two recent esports events had pretty different outcomes for you — victory at Combo Breaker and then Top 24 at CEO. What changed in between those tournaments? Is that because of the Lab Coat ban?

At Combo Breaker, I think my mentality was a lot better. I actually believe that it’s around 30% skill and 70% mentality. And at CEO, my mental wasn’t that good. Now [at Evo], I think my mentality is really good. It’s thanks to how good I want to be during Evo. Yeah, I think this is the big change. I don’t think it has anything to do with Lab Coat.

You compete in Multiversus now, so how does the game feel? Is it the future of the FGC? Is it difficult to mix DBFZ and Multiversus at one event or in general in your practice?

I love the game! There is something I need to learn, like the dodge mechanic. With such big tournaments as Evo, I think it will be the future of fighting games when it comes to prize pools and the opportunity to bring the community together. 

What do you think about the 2v2 aspect?

I like it. I also like shooting games, so it’s bringing that team aspect instead of playing only 1v1. 

If we don’t talk about individual players but generally about the region — where is the DBFZ community the strongest: Europe, Japan, or North America?

I think French is the best region now. Right after that, it’s the US East Coast. The difference is very slight, and I can’t say that the East Coast is better as Wawa has been winning a lot recently.

What motivates you to compete in DBFZ?

I started playing Dragon Ball FighterZ because I watched Dragon Ball as a kid. That was one of a few anime I watched. And I really felt it, I connected to it. That’s why I ended up playing it and that’s why I feel so much passion towards it. 

It is great that the game is getting support even now, four years since the release. I’m looking forward to the World Tour! 

Any shoutouts?

I love everyone who supports me. Thank you!

And we thank LegendaryyPred for this interview and for his awesome performance in Dragon Ball FighterZ and beyond.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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