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Another SSBU Juice Box Victory for Sonix

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Another SSBU Juice Box Victory for Sonix
An unstoppable blue hedgehog

For the second time in a row, Santo “Sonix” Domingo from Bandits wins the Juice Box tournament - he was first at The Box: Juice Box #12 and he celebrities victory at The Box: Juice Box #13. On the one hand, his way to this achievement wasn’t easy. But on the other, Sonix won the Grand Final without any effort (literally).

The Box: Juice Box is a series of weekly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments, organized by Team Liquid and Hungrybox. Thanks to it, the community has a chance to regularly enjoy an SSBU esports excitement. A bigger version of the Box is the monthly tournament The Box: Lunch Box.

The Box: Juice Box #13 had 512 attendees, who fought in 16 starting pools. The best players proceeded to the Top 64 and then Top 8 parts.

Sonix entered the final stage through the Losers Brackets - due to one loss in the pools. Then he defeated Alexis “Goblin” Stennett (Losers Round 1, 3:0), Colin “colinies” Landals (Losers Quarter-Final, 3:0), Santiago “Chag” Perez (Losers Semi-Final, 3:0), and Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero (LosersFinal, 3:0) - playing Sonic in all the matches. And then... he just got the Grand Final victory without any fight - his opponent, King “Lights” Chris, was disqualified - the guy decided to not show up for the game. 


Enjoy the Top 8 matches of SSBU The Box: Juice Box #13:

Top  players of The Box: Juice Box #13

  • 1. Santo “Sonix” Domingo (Bandits)
  • 2. King “Lights” Chris
  • 3. Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero (IluZ)
  • 4. Santiago “Chag” Perez (AAA|SF)
  • 5. Osvaldo “Whisky” Alvarado (FSS)
  • 5. Colin “colinies” Landals (VNG)
  • 7. Matt “Midnight” R. (RVNT)
  • 7. Alexis “Goblin” Stennett

Here a tweet of Sonix about this victory:

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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