• Jorge Eduardo Gomez Martinez
  • Mexico

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Birthday : Jul 21, 1992 (31)
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Jorge "Wonf" Eduardo Gomez Martinez is an Inkling main, Mexican Super Smash Bros Ultimate player, currently representing Phantom Thieves and known for participating in the Smash Factor 8 tournament, ranking 17th place out of 534 entrants in the SSBU singles event.

Considered one of the best Inkling players in Mexico, Wonf has participated in other SSBU tournaments like WeTecThose 9, Smash Fest Ultimate, Thunderstruck 2019, Boss Rush: Electric Boogaloo, Smash Vertex, SKL: Open Primavera 2020, and most BIT MASTER MTY events.

Wonf is also known for eliminating MKLeo from a tournament.