• Andre Parrales
  • USA

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Andre "WonderBread" Parrales is an American fighting games player who competes in titles such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate in which he mains Little Mac and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

WonderBread has participated in other tournaments like:

  • 2021: Collision Online 2021, Gainesville Stock Exchange: Revival, InfinityCON Tally 2021, Ronin Rumble Cup - June 2021 (17th), SWT: NA Southeast Ultimate Online Qualifier (17th).
  • 2020: bunker down 3, CEO Dreamland 2020, Frostbite 2020, GatorLAN Spring 2020 (9th), Mazer Gaming Gives Back, Pound Online, Shell Shock, Southlake Series.
  • 2019: CEO 2019, Come To Papa 3, DreamHack Atlanta 2019, GatorLAN Fall 2019 (5th), Genesis 6, Smash Conference United, The Florida State Invitational (7th).

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