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Shola "TRILL SHOLA" Lawal is a fighting games player and tournament organizer from Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

TRILL SHOLA is a Mishima main with Devil Jin, Kazuya, Kazumi, and Heihachi in his arsenal. His playstyle can be described as very active and focused on mobility and pressure. SHOLA is extremely good at utilizing advancement movement available to Mishima characters to force whiffs out of his opponents or catch them off-guard and quickly retaliate with attacks of his own. Alongside Pokchop, BigBoi, and Clint The Beast he's a part of ATL Koreans, titled such due to their notable skill level.

He competed in SoCal Regionals 2016-2017, Absolute Battle 8, EVO Japan 2018 and 2020, Final Round 2018, NorCal Regionals 2018, Combo Breaker 2018-2019, CEO 2018-2019, EVO 2018-2019, DreamHack Atlanta 2019, and Kumite in Tennessee 2020.

You can find TRILL SHOLA on Twitter.