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  • Jimmy Tran
  • USA

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Jimmy "Jimmyjtran" Tran, also knows as Mr. Naps is a professional Tekken player from the USA. Before Tekken, Jimmy was competitive in Street Fighter: Third Strike where he was a great Urien player and SSF4 where he mained Viper.

Jimmy is unquestionably the best Bryan player in the western region and the only rival he has on the world level is Knee himself. His playstyle is reserved and safe. Jimmy has a lot of experience with Tekken and extreme mastery of Bryan so his gameplan largely revolves around the purist form of Tekken with reliance on game knowledge, character matchups, strategy, execution, and fundamentals. He is also a very dedicated character loyalist. When asked about the viability of sticking to Bryan, Jimmy replied that every character has what it takes to win and Bryan is his favorite character.

Jimmyjtran is often cited as one of the very best players in the USA and for a good reason. His history in Tekken is marked with successful performances and wins over venerated Korean pros. Jimmyjtran won Kumite in Texas 2019, The Pinnacle 2019The King of Iron Fist Tournament North America Final 2016 and Tekken World Tour 2017 Americas Regionals. He also got 13th place finish in EVO 2018 and 33rd in EVO 2019.

You can find Jimmy on twitter.

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