• Michael Prass
  • USA
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Michael "SassyFlygon" Prass is a Smash Bros. player and coach from Rochester, New York, United States.

Some of their best results include TLT: Take the Throne Edition (7th), WiFi Immortal Fight Night #1 (2nd), Silencer Saga Online #5 (1st), TNS: Pandemic Monthly #6 (3rd), Mammoth's Ding Dong Ditch (5th), Flat Combats #5 (2nd), AWG Winter Split 2021 (1st), The Dragon Lair (2nd), SSBU: Xtreme (3rd), Speed Smash #11 (1st), Super Galaxy Gambit x Collision - PAS Qualifier (3rd), and KML Online Open (5th).

You can find SassyFlygon on Twitter and Twitch.