• Chang Seob Park
  • South Korea

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Chang "Rest" Seob Park is a Tekken player from Ulsan, South Korea.

Rest is known as one of the best Hwoarang players in the world. Despite being one of the younger Tekken players and entering the competitive scene with Tekken 7, he has shown that he's strong enough to challenge and beat the best players. Despite Hwoarang being a very aggressive character, Rest is a very patient and defensive player, biding his time and using Hwoarang's crouchdash to control space and wait for an opportunity to pressure his opponents.

Some of Rest's best results include 17th place at EVO 2019, 17th place at Tekken Online Challenge Korea 2020, 1st place at AEL Open 2019 Nationals, 3rd place at Electric Cancel 2019, and 1st place at OzHadou Nationals 16.

You can find Rest on Twitter.