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  • Thomas Scalese
  • France

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Thomas "Oryon" Scalese  is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wolf main player from France with strong Dr. Mario secondary, considered one of the best Wolf mains and the best Dr. Mario player in Europe. Oryon is currently ranked 4th on the French Ultimate Power Rankings and 7th on the European Smash Rankings. He has defeated AbadangoProdigyGreilFlowGreward, and Enki while also taking Dabuz to game 5 at Albion 4Oryon is a player for TeamOplon.

He is the younger brother of Anragon and often teams up with him for doubles. Oryon also frequently teams with PeW at national tournaments.

Oryon finished with the 5th place out of 640 in Syndicate 2019, the 3rd place out of 128 in Salty Arena Cup Ultimate #1, the 1st place in Otternament #1 and Massilia Winter Smash 2019, the 4th place out of 404 in Stunfest 2019 Tournaments and the 9th place in Albion 4.

Also he took part in Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019, BURST #4, Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2019, Salty Arena Cup Ultimate #3, MDP-19, Ultimate Untag #1.

You can follow Thomas on his Instagram or Twitter and watch him on Twitch.