Nigel E.X.

  • Nigel Butler
  • USA

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Nigel "Nigel E.X." Butler is a Street Fighter player from Round Rock, Texas, United States. Currently representing DETHRONExgg. Nigel is a Balrog main with a very active playstyle, they excel at constantly putting pressure on the opponent with smart spacing and great reactions that make Nigel's offence intimidating and explosive.

Some of their best results include 1st place at OpTic Arena, 1st place at Low Tier City 7, 1st place at Kumite in Texas 2019,  9th place at Kumite in Tennessee 2020, Summer Jam 12 and DreamHack Dallas 2019, 3rd place at KiT/Low Tier City 6, and 17th place at Texas Showdown 2019.

You can find Nigel E.X. on Twitter.