• Jose Rafael Flaquer
  • Dominican Republic

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Jochy is a Fighting Game Player from the Dominican Republic. He plays titles such as Samurai Shodown and Street Fighter V.

He competed in SFV singles at Capcom Pro Tour online 2020 Central America 1 where he ranked 9th place out of 181 entrants. With a set win rate of 75%, he earned his first win in the course of the event via disqualification of fellow Pool 6 participant Kira120980 in the winners second round. He lost to Alexis Pinto in the winners' semi-final but maintained a winning streak until the Top 16 bracket where he was knocked out of the event after a loss to fellow participant Jazdero in the Pool 1 losers second round.

Jochy has also participate in tourneys such as Aclarao The Tournament, Blink Fighting Fest 2019 & 2020, CPT Online 2020 Central America 2ElBatiTorneo2, Fighting Fest 2018, First Attack 2020 Online, First Attack 2018 & 2019, Game Over Online, The Fight 2019, and TMM Cup 2020.

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