• John Battiston
  • Canada

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John Battiston "Jandell" is a Canadian Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Wii U player from Ontario.

Previously ranked 2nd in Season 1 of the York Region Ultimate Power Rankings, he mains Villager in both games and has an overall set count of 59%.

Jandell has competed in ssbu singles and placed 17th at Don't Kick Chairs, 25th at Amuka Smash Cup, 33rd at Happy Birthday 2019, 129th at Get On My Level 2019, and 193rd at Let's Make Big Moves.

Jandell often partners up with smasher M9 to participate in the doubles events. At Rising Stars at EGLX 2019, the duo ranked 3rd after losing to Venom and Smokk in the Grand Finals.