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Sub-Zero68 %22

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Connor Nelson, who goes by the gamertags "Conflictus" and "TSG_the_Prodigy," is a Mortal Kombat 11 player and variety streamer for EMPR from the United Kingdom.

He is also a leader of the CTG (Changing The Game) clan

Darth_Conflictus mains Sub-Zero and has competed in MK 11 singles at PiFighter Ultimate - MK11, but was disqualified from matches at Massive Strike.

At Lockdown Throwdown, he placed 65th with a 33% set win rate after being defeated in matches against Abyz_dk and KG.

At Lockdown Throwdown 3, he placed 7th with a 66,67% set win rate. 

He won Belong MK11 UK Finals 2021, defeating MK_AWP and PiFighter Online #3 2v2 tournament where he played alongside LawKorridor.

He also played in merger team PetulantProdigy with ThePetulantPanda

Check out his Twitch channel where he also streams games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Dead by Daylight. He also also host occasional exhibitions with the EU Brawl For All for MK11.

TSG_the_Prodigy consider Sikander555 as his mentor and PrimeTCG as his friendly rival.

Connor's friends have described him as easy going, humorous and charismatic.

Conflictus told DashFight that Alexander the Great and Muhammad Ali inspired him.