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Terminator T-800
Mortal Kombat 11
Mortal Kombat 11

Terminator T-800

T-800 is a cyborg created to destroy a leader of humanity's resistance for the rebellious military-industrial artificial intelligence. Subsequently, with the help of unknown hackers, his "brother" is reprogrammed and helped to save humankindKnow more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Terminator T-800 matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Jacqui Briggs80 %10
Sindel0 %5
Johnny Cage75 %4
Fujin50 %4
Sub-Zero25 %4
Frost0 %4
Jax100 %3
Jade67 %3
Cetrion0 %3
Nightwolf50 %2

Terminator T-800 matchups

Matchups based on at least on 50 games.

Most played vs:

Jacqui Briggs
Jacqui Briggs


8-2 (80%)

Best vs:



3-0 (100%)

Worst vs:



0-5 (0%)

top Terminator T-800 mains

PlayerGamesWinsLossesWin rate

Character abilities

  • Mobility: 3

  • Range: 3

  • Zoning: 3

  • Damage: 5

  • Grappling: 9



The Terminator T-800 is one of the robots created by the rebellious US artificial intelligence Skynet. He was probably created at one of the factories of the American military-industrial complex to destroy the resistance of the people to the world tyranny spreading across the globe. In the first part, he was sent "into the past" to find and kill Sarah Connor. Thanks to the desperate resistance of the girl and her protector, the Terminator failed to complete this mission, and he was destroyed. However, his processor was found by scientists and then became the basis for the creation of artificial intelligence Skynet.

Another terminator of the same model was reprogrammed by the resistance and sent into the past in order to protect Sarah Connor's child from another robot. The Terminator T-800 coped with this task successfully.

First Appearance: The Terminator first appeared in the Mortal Kombat universe in Update 2.4. for Mortal Kombat Mobile as a diamond character.


  • Sarah Connor
  • Kyle Reese
  • T-1000


  • John Connor
  • Sarah Connor