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Mortal Kombat 11
Mortal Kombat 11


Sindel is the queen of Edenia, and wife of Shao Khan. A fearsome woman with incredible power over the politics of Outworld.Know more

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Sindel matchup chart

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 5

  • Range: 8

  • Zoning: 5

  • Damage: 7

  • Grappling: 4

More about Sindel:


The Queen of Edenia. Sindel is a fierce warrior and attempted to protect her realm as much as she could. Eventually, to protect her people she would enter a marriage agreement with Shao Khan. Or so were her subjects and even her closest advisors lead to believe. In truth, Sindel's plan was always to be married to Shao Khan, and both expand their power beyond the reaches of Outworld. 

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat III, 1995


  • Kitana, after learning of Sindel's deception


  • Kitana, before learning of her deception
  • Shao Khan, husband