You Can Select a Biome for Minecraft World in SSBU

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You Can Select a Biome for Minecraft World in SSBU
Nintendo / Mojang
Choose the block for your fighting ground or allow the game to build a random stage

The release of Minecraft content in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is just around the corner - SSBU Update 9.0.0 is planned for October 14. We got lots of information about the abilities of Steve and Alex from a big introduction video by Masahiro Sakurai. And now we get some additional (and very exciting) details.

Along with a new playable character Steve (Alex, Zombie, or Enderman - depending on which skin you prefer), Smash Ultimate gets a new stage. It’s quite unusual because the developers took the biome system from Minecraft and prepared six different biomes for the SSBU stage Minecraft World. They are:

  • Plains
  • Birch Forest
  • Savanna
  • Taiga
  • Snowy Tundra
  • Stone Shore

First, we had the information that the game chooses a random biome when you start playing in Minecraft World. But a tweet from the official Japanese account of Super Smash Bros. explained - players can choose a specific biome by pressing various button combinations. Thanks to PushDustIn we have a translation: