Suiken Wins Bud Light Beer League West 4

Ilya Kravtsov
Oct 07 20201 min
The next round will begin in a week

On October 6, the next stage of the big Tekken 7 tournament - BudLightBeerLeague was conducted. The battles took place at West 4. The triumphant of the tournament became Suiken. Binchang became his closest pursuer. The third-place went to PhiDX.

After all previous rounds, the WEST standings look like this

TEKKEN West Standings TOP-8

  1. Suiken - 315 pts
  2. Binchang - 250
  3. Acumajor - 141
  4. Princess Ling - 95
  5. Battle Lounge PhiDX - 75
  6. Jermanji - 60
  7. Averiey_RiB - 51
  8. Doune2 - 25

The next stage of the tournament is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13th.

Here, here, and even here you can read about the results of the previous rounds of BudLightBeerLeague.

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