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Street Fighter League US Week 5 recap: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Street Fighter League USA Week 5 recap
With Bandits and NASR on top, the other teams fight to make up the rest

Last week, Bandits took over at the top of the table thanks to an impressive 40-0 win over Endemic leaving the ChrisCCH team at the bottom of the table. This week saw them tackle Red Rooster who are just above them on the table with the chance to make something of themselves. 

The full compliment of matches was as follows: 

  • Endemic vs Red Rooster
  • NASR vs UYU
  • Bandits vs Versus Vortex



Match Results

  • ChrisCCH (Ken) 1 - PR Balrog (Juri) 2
  • Flash Metroid (Blanka) 1 - Ajax Fidelity (Juri) 2
  • Reynald (JP) 1 - BananaKen (JP) 3

Endemic's woes continued as they lost 40-0 for the third time in a row meaning they have lost out of 120 points and as condemned to the bottom of the table. It does seem like ChrisCCH and co just aren't finding the sweet spot to defeat their opponents. In this match, they did do really well and a lot of the matches could have gone either way, but it just didn't go for Endemic once more. 

Final Scores

Endemic (0) vs Red Rooster(40)



Match Results

  • Zhen (Dee Jay) 1 - AngryBird (Ken) 2
  • NuckleDu (Guile) 2 - Bbig Bird (Marisa) 1
  • Vxbao (JP) 1 - Punk (Cammy) 3

NASR were able to take back the first spot for a while with a great win over UYU. The NuckleDu-led team have been pretty decent and he has taken up the team on his back. He was also the only one to win his game while Zhen and Vxbao lost. 

Punk has been one of the most in-form players in the league and has not dropped any matches. He was stronger than Vxbao and said in his winner's interview that he would like for MenaRD to lose. 

Final Scores

UYU (10) vs NASR (30)



Match Results

  • Xian (Dee Jay) 1 - Xiaohai (JP) 2
  • NL (Luke) 2 - Caba (Guile) 0
  • DCQ (JP) 3 - MenaRD (Luke) 0

A huge reason for UYU's SFL USA win last season was because of DCQ. The Chinese player is exceptional and is just impossible to look past. With Bandits on a rampage thanks in no small part to MenaRD who usually anchors the team, Versus Vortex had to send their very best player to take him down. The thing with DCQ is that he does have a penchant for slaying giants and it was he who slayed Mena last season the the Raging Bull was a part of the NASR x Bandits coalition. It was so again as NL's win against Caba and DCQ's win against Mena got them the all-important win. 

The repercussions this has for the table is huge as NASR now have a cushion at the top of the table

Final Scores

Bandits (10) vs Versus Vortex (30)


Rank Team Scores
1 NASR 140
2 Bandits 130
3 Versus Vortex 115
4 Red Rooster 110
5 UYU  100 
6 Endemic 35


Everything looks finely poised right now with only Endemic really lagging behind. At this point, they might only be able to play spoilers. 

The lineup for next week is:

Endemic vs UYU

Red Rooster vs Versus Vortex

Bandits vs NASR

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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