Street Fighter League: Results of Week 3 Pro-US and Week 5 Pro JP

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Street Fighter League: Results of Week 3 Pro-US and Week 5 Pro JP
Top players from Japan and the USA fight in team matches

Another week in Street Fighter League is over, and before delving into the matches of the next stage of this unusual tournament, let’s take a look at the current standing and results of the previous fights.

Street Fighter League is very special in fighting esports! It consists of team fights - three players from each team participate in one game.

In Japan, we’ve already witnessed five weeks of the tournament. The previous results are highlighted in this post. The situation since then has changed a bit.

  • Umehara Gold (with the leader Daigo) managed to win two matches against Fuudo Gaia (2:1) and took the third position with 12 points. 
  • Tokido Flame twice defeated Nemo Aurora (2:1) and came a bit close to the leader.
  • Mago Scarlet got three victories over Momochi Splash (3:0) and moved a bit away from the bottom.

Street Fighter League Pro-JP - Week 5

In Street Fighter League Pro-US, All-In are leaders in the standings - they have 2 victories and 0 losses. Psycho Shinobi (2nd), Alpha 3 (3rd), Dynamite (4th), and NASR (5th) have the same results - 1 win and 1 loss. Only UyU has no victories yet.

During Week 2 of Street Fighter League Pro-US:

  • Psycho Shinobi defeats Dynamite (3:1)
  • All-In defeats NASR (3:2)

During Week 3 of Street Fighter League Pro-US:

  • Dynamite defeats UYU (3:0)
  • Alpha 3 defeats Psycho Shinobi (3:1)

Street Fighter League continues - the next games are planned for October 30. DashFight will inform you of future results. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to have Street Fighter 5 esports news directly into your social feed!

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