Street Fighter League Pro-JP Playoffs: Who proceeds to Grand Finals?

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Street Fighter League Pro-JP Playoffs: Who proceeds to Grand Finals?
Pic Source: Capcom Fighters YouTube
Two teams are out, and two others will be fighting in the Semi-Final matches

It’s been actually a week since Playoffs of the Street Fighter League in Japan are over. But the official stream is available only now (for those who did not pay for the tickets to the Japanese stream), so we are gonna pretend it happened just recently and will enjoy the fights. Are you with us?

So, Street Fighter League Pro-JP had its group stage over in 2021. The result is:

  • One team proceeds directly to the Grand Finals. It’s Good 8 Squad. Here are the players:
  • Four teams proceed to the Playoffs to fight for a chance to play in Semi-Finals: V6 Plus FAV Rohto Z!, Mildom Beast, Shinobism Gaming, and GyoGun.

The format of the tournament and matches themselves are very interesting. Here they are on video:

Street Fighter League Pro-JP Playoffs — Stream

There were two matches on the Winners side, two on the Losers Side, and two Quarter-Finals. It’s obviously better to watch all of them to feel the excitement (and probably learn something from those legendary players), but it often happens that we don’t have time for this (6+ hours of the stream — that’s a lot). So here are the results:

  • Mildom Beast beats V6 Plus FAV Rohto Z! after two Winners Side matches: 5:3.
  • GyoGun beats Shinobism Gaming after two Losers Side matches: 6:2.
  • Plus FAV Rohto Z! beats GyoGun in two Quarter-Finals: 5:3.
  • V6 Plus FAV Rohto Z! and Mildom Beast are two teams that proceed to the next stage of the League. They will play against each other in the Semi-Final.

V6 Plus FAV Rohto Z!

Mildom Beast

Street Fighter League Pro-JP Playoffs — Results

The Grand Final of Street Fighter League Pro-JP is planned for January 29. And again, it will be a paid-to-watch event first, with free VODs (English stream) available later.