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Street Fighter League Japan Stage 2 Day 6 Recap: CAG Refuse to Die

Femi Famutimi
5 min

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Street Fighter League Japan Stage 2 Day 6 Recap
The table more or less stayed the same, but one team really boosted their hopes of survival

Street Fighter League Japan Stage 2 Day 6 promised a lot of action and delivered as Shinobism Gaming and CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming fought tooth and nail to make it out of the bottom spots. 

We also got to witness FAV Gaming who are on top try to put some daylight between them and the very terrifying Detonation FocusMe.

The games were at follows:

  • Shinobism Gaming vs CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming
  • Detonation FocusMe vs FAV Gaming
  • Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto vs Gyogun.



Match Results 

  • Yamaguchi (Dee Jay) 0 - Go1 (Chun li) 2
  • Momochi (Luke) 0 - Fenritti (JP) 2
  • Fujimura (Ken) 0 - Kazunoko (Cammy) 3

CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming seem to either play at gear 5 or gear 1. The same team that two match days ago defeated Detonation FocusMe 40-0, then lost by the same margin to Gyogun and then turn around again to defeat Shinobism by the same amount to get them back in the swing of things. This was such an important match as both teams, Shinobism and CAG, were in the relegation spots. But some great play by Go1, Fenritti, and Kazunoko got them the all important win. 

For Shinobism, things aren't looking good as a sequence of bad form and bizarre decisions sees them in the bottom spot. In this match the team won only one round, by Momochi, against Fenritti. With this defeat, it'll take a lot to see them contend for a playoff spot. 

Final Scores

Shinobism (0) VS CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming (40)



Match Results 

  • John Takeuchi (Rashid) 0 - Bonchan (Luke) 2
  • Nauman (Ken) 2 - Sako (Chun li) 1
  • Fuudo (Dee Jay) 3 - Tokido (Ken) 0

FAV Gaming have been far and away the best team so far and this is mostly because all the members on the team are in the conversation of the best performing player of the league category. However, what Detonation FocusMe have had to their advantage is arguably the most in-form player in Japan— Fuudo. They have consistently placed Fuudo in the anchor position which has helped him rack up points for his team. FAV made the decision to send Bonchan, their strongest player so far, first and he got the result. This meant Nauman needed to get a result against Sako to keep his team in the match. Sako hasn't played much this season owing to the fact that his team mates have just been so good. This time he got the nod and while he pushed Nauman to the very edge, the young Evo 2020 winner was able to defeat the veteran to level the scores.

This pitted Fuudo against Tokido and Fuudo once more, showed why he is the strongest Street Fighter 6 player in Japan right now. He defeated Tokido 3-0 to win his team the tie and draw ever closer to the top spot. 

Final Scores

Detonation FocusMe (30) VS FAV Gaming (10)



Match Results 

  • Kabe (Ken) 1 - Miizuha (Cammy) 2
  • Higuchi (Guile) 2 - Moke (Chun li) 0
  • Nemo (JP) 1 - Mago (Juri) 3

Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto is a team that has more or less been determined by their talisman, Shuto. This is  why it was really weird to see them line up against Gyogun, one of the strongest teams in the league, without the Marisa main. Perhaps he wasn't feeling too well. 

With the absence of Shuto, Kabe, who they picked to join the team for the second stage, stepped up first. He played really well, but Mizuha got the better of him. This means thatt Kabe is now without a win all season which cannot help Saishunkan Sol who need all their players firing. Higuchi, who hasn't had a great second half, but is also their next best performing player besides Shuto, was the one to go up next. He defeated Moke to level the scores. 

The anchor match was between Mago and Nemo. These two seem to be on opposite sides in terms of form. So Mago  started the season really poorly, but has been coming up in leaps and bounds including a win in the anchor match in the last match. On the other side is Nemo who has hardly won in this second stage. Mago got the victory to keep his team in the playoff spots. 

The decision to leave out Shuto is one that might haunt Saishunkan Sol, but Gyogun will be pleased that they have a team filled with players who are doing well so far. 

Final Scores

Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto (10) VS Gyogun (30)

Street Fighter League Japan Stage 2 Day 6 Table

Rank Team Scores
1 FAV Gaming 165
2 Gyogun 145
3 Detonation FocusMe 140
4 Saishunkan Sol 120
5 CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming  100
6 Shinobism Gaming 75


The table sees FAV still on top, but Gyogun's impressive performance sees them close the gap. In the bottom sits Shinoism who now have it all to do to qualify. 

The next set of matches are as follows:

  • Gyogun vs Detonation FocusMe
  • CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming  vs Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto
  • FAV Gaming  vs Shinobism Gaming

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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