Street Fighter Halloween - a Collection of Awesome Cosplays

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Street Fighter Halloween - a Collection of Awesome Cosplays
Pic Source: @cosmozaec Twitter
Some great costumes of many powerful characters

Halloween traditionally gives a reason to wear a fancy dress and hang out with friends. 2020 changes a lot in our traditions. We don’t have physical tournaments but enjoy online events instead (such as Capcom Pro Tour  2020). And many people aren’t really eager to visit Halloween parties to show off their cosplay costumes (and there are no gaming conventions to do so). So, Capcom decided to do the same thing with the Halloween party as they did with esports competitions - bring it online.

On October 30, Capcom USA asked the community to share their Capcom-themed costumes. The response was just amazing! Many people shared their Street Fighter cosplays, and here we collected some of them.

by @UT_Performance

SF5 characters are not only powerful fighters but also prominent personalities. They are an amazing choice to cosplay. And they are absolutely great to play. Discover how to unlock all Street Fighter V characters and take anyone to the battle!

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