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Maister wins The Box: L4st's Box

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Maister wins The Box: L4st's Box
For the first time, this monthly series of SSBU tournaments wasn’t hosted by Hungrybox

Team Liquid started two series of Box tournaments quite a while ago. Thanks to them and Hungrybox, the Smash Bros. community has the chance to enjoy weekly events The Box: Juice Box and monthly tournaments The Box: The Lunch Box. On October 28, The Lunch Box #5 was planned, but almost at the last moment, it turned into L4st's Box - Hungrybox decided to step away from his activity on Twitch and social media.

Anyway, the tournament was as exciting as usual. We could witness fights of 512 players in the initial pools and then matches of Top 64 and Top 8 players.

The final part started with the Semi-Final matches:

  • Chag (Palutena) vs Yez (Ike) - 3:1. Chag had an advantage from the beginning and won two games. Yez managed to get one game victory but lost the match.
  • LeoN (Bowser) vs Aaron (Alex) - 3:2. Everything started promising for Aaron, the winner of The Box: Juice Box #17. He won two games in a row but then lost three, so LeoN got the victory.

The Winners Final was very tense. LeoN and Chag had five games. In the decisive game, LeoN suddenly demonstrated the full power of Bowser and confidently got his ticket to the Grand Final - 3:2.

Meanwhile, his biggest opponent was moving through the losers bracket.

Maister (Mr. Game & Watch) defeated:

  • Sonix (Sonic) - in Losers Round 1 (3:0)

  • Yez (Ike) - in Losers Quarter-Final (3:0)

  • BestNess (Ness) - in Losers SemiFinal (3:2)

  • Chag (Palutena) - in Losers Final (3:0)

In the Grand Final, Maister played against LeoN. Both Mr. Game & Watch and Bowser had their ups and downs. And both had real chances to win. But in general, Maister was stronger. In the decisive game, he got an advantage and didn’t allow LeoN to make a comeback. Maister won the Grand Final 3:1 and the Grand Final Reset 3:2.

Stream of The Box: L4st's Box - Top 8

Top 8 players of The Box: L4st's Box

  • 1. Enrique “Maister” Hernandez (SSG)
  • 2. David “LeoN” Leon (SSG)
  • 3. Santiago “Chag” Perez (AAA|SF)
  • 4. Spencer “BestNess” Garner (Armada)
  • 5. Aaron “Aaron” Wilhite
  • 5. Yezre'el “Yez” Askew (USAE PvE)
  • 7. Sonix (Bandits)
  • 7. Noah “Sharp” M. (NEST)

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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