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Guilty Gear -Strive- at CEO 2023: Jack-O’s Adventure

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Guilty Gear -Strive- at CEO 2023: Jack-O’s Adventure
We’ve got a contender for the title of the quickest and the most demolishing Grand Final in fighting esports

After two Arc World Tour 2023 events, the competitive community of Guilty Gear Strive has returned to… the same exciting and uncompromising fights as those for the league points. Why? Because the whole fighting esports is like that — you give it all at every event. And also, this game is just of that super level of intensity, where each match is a flow of lightning actions and decisions.

Well, in addition to that, CEO 2023 is a pretty big event, so participating in it and reaching Top 8 is quite an achievement.

And what a tournament that was! What a run the Champion has made! But let’s not hurry. When the fights are actually over, we could take our time to enjoy them properly — with traditional (for DashFight’s recaps) streams, results, characters in use, and clips of the best moments. 

GG Strive at CEO 2023 | Stream, Top 8

Two Winners Semi-Finals were perfect examples of super-confident victories. Both MFCR and Marvelo did not leave a chance to their opponents, Supernoon and Testyourluck. And the matches had some really great moments — check them below in this post.

The Winners Final was of the same confidence for MFCR, who sent Marvelo to the Losers.

In the Elimination brackets, Eddventure had a pretty tough first match against Lord Knight — but managed to win and proceed further. And then this player had… let’s say it; he had victims of his power. Three opponents were (almost) destroyed for Eddventure to reach the Grand Final.

GG Strive at CEO 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

It is absolutely fair to say that you have to be very attentive while watching this match. Just a minor distraction, and you miss the ultimate destruction. With a lightning speed, Eddventure wins 6 games in a row vs MFCR. What an adventure it was for his character, Jack-O!

Eddventure is the Guilty Gear Strive Champion at CEO 2023. Congratulations!

Guilty Gear Strive Characters at CEO 2023

7. Kreator

7. Lord Knight

5. Dejojo

5. Testyourluck

4. Supernoon

3. Marvelo


1. Eddventure

Top Moments

A Perfect round by MFCR.

A great comeback.

A comeback by Marvelo.

The King knows how to deal with ninjas!

“Wait! Where’s your yo-yo? My robo-minions would play with it!”

Jack-O’s technical tricks.

A quick guide by Eddventure on how to reset the Grand Final.

You could just blink and thus miss how Eddventure wins 6 games, the Grand Final, and the Guilty Gear Strive tournament at CEO 2023.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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