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Frosted Brawls #2: Tezca’s Ups and Downs

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Frosted Brawls #2: Tezca’s Ups and Downs
Pic Source: SlowMotion_BH on Twitch
This online tournament is one of the first to highlight the newest Legend in the competitive environment

While the official Brawlhalla events are kind of on hold (we all are waiting for official announcements of Esports Year Eight), exciting community events are up and running. We at DashFight are glad to highlight some of them.

Frosted Brawls is a series of online tournaments organized by SlowMotion_BH. A couple of days ago, we could witness Frosted Brawls #2.

It’s always interesting to watch good fighting esports. And this tourney is especially interesting thanks to the strength of its participants. For instance, we could witness the play of luna, the strongest NA player in 2022, who was 3rd at the recent Brawlhalla World Championship.

Another interesting feature of this event is that Tezca, the newest Brawlhalla Legend was eligible to join the fighting fun. Could someone be brave enough to pick up the wrestler?

Frosted Brawls #2 | Stream, Top 8

We could see Tezca in one of the Winners Semi-Finals. luna demonstrated some cool skills with this character and defeated megD 3:1.

Frosted Brawls #2 | Stream, Top 4

In the Winners Final, Tezca had his dark period. luna took this character again but could not win a game. But probably, it’s because the opponent, Guichabou, was stronger this time? Even after switching to Caspian (his Diamondhead skins), luna lost and fell into the Losers brackets.

Another participant who decided to play Tezca was CXTI. After losing two games in the Losers Semi-Final, the player switched from Caspian to the new Legend. That helped win one game, but eventually, megD won the match.

luna returned to playing Tezca in the Losers Final — which turned out to be a good decision. 

Frosted Brawls #2 | Stream, Grand Final

The first Grand Final match was back-and-forth. After the first lost game, luna took Diamondhead instead of Tezca and started winning. For the last game, both players switched to Kung Fu Panda characters: Tigress (Asuri) for Guichabou and Tai Lung (Mordex) for luna. The final score was 3:2, and luna reset the bracket.

No one chose Tezca in the Grand Final Reset. luna took Ember, and Guichabou returned to Lin Fei. This time, luna looked much stronger and won 3:1. 

Luna is the Champion of Frosted Brawls #2. Congratulations!

Brawlhalla Legends at Frosted Brawls #2 








* Tezca was played by CXTI and luna

Frosted Brawls #2 Doubles | Stream, Grand Final

The tournament also had its 2v2 section. Why not take a look at the Grand Final — Snowy / luna vs CXTI / Walshy?

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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