Final Episode of Anakin’s Tekken Academy is Out Now

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Final Episode of Anakin’s Tekken Academy is Out Now
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It’s a great series for those who want to improve their fighting skills and crash all the limits in their progress as a Tekken 7 player

Hoa "Anakin" Luu is a well-known Tekken 7 professional. He plays as part of the Red Bull eSports organization, and his recent achievements include the victory at DreamHack Atlanta 2019, 3rd place at Evolution Championship Series 2019, and 4th place at Tekken World Tour Finals 2019. So, he definitely knows how to play Tekken 7!

Around six weeks ago, Anakin started his educational video series - Class in Session: Anakin’s Tekken Academy. In each episode, he gives various helpful advice for beginners and even advanced players. In fact, these videos are so packed with information that they are worthy of rewatching multiple times and following the instructions in the fighting matches.

Now, the final episode of Anakin’s Tekken Academy is available on Red Bull TV. It’s about understanding opponents and adjusting your actions according to their playstyle. 


Watch Ep. 6 of Class in Session: Anakin’s Tekken Academy

In the end, Anakin give three final pieces of advice:

  • Stay focused on your progress in this game
  • Find good practice partner
  • Practice makes perfect - polish your skills in the Practice Mode.

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