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DashFight Presents: A Day in the Life of....... Forever King

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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DashFight Presents: A Day in the Life of....... Forever King
What are the things that this fun legend gets up to?

Christian "Forever King" Quiles is a veteran of the NRS scene having been around since around 2012 which was over a decade ago. He gained infamy when a clip went viral where he was on the phone while in Grand Finals of Mortal Kombat XL at East Coast Throwdow 2023. 

But what does he get up to on a regular day or before a tournament? We spoke to him to find out. 

Forever King

DF: How does the typical day go for you?

Forever King: Wake up and play some Fortnite, hit the gym, then stream for Mortal Kombat for about 5 hours. Then after my stream get some food, come home and start working on YouTube videos. Then lay in bed while watching YouTube until I fall asleep

DF: Do you ever get nervous on the day of a tournament? If so, how do you deal with the nerves?

Forever King: Everyone deals with nerves at some point or another. I've been competing for so long, usually only get nervous at big stuff like CEO, EVO etc. But I try my best to just focus on the match and the neutral/footsies and characters attacks, which will hopefully take my thoughts away from how much money is on the line or my nerves

DF: Do you have any pre-tournament rituals, like a special shirt, or some other thing that helps you prepare for the day ahead?

Forever King: No tournament rituals really. I usually don't eat until after my pools, and I don't eat right before a big top 16 or top 8 starts. 

DF: What’s your routine on the night before a big tournament?

Forever King: Nothing in particular, just practicing my bad matchups and matchups I feel like I can run into the next day

DF: Do you have a favourite pre-tournament meal? If so, what is it? And if you don’t have one, what would you imagine you’d want as one?

Forever King:  My favorite food of all time is breakfast food. So anything eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast etc.

DF: Do you prefer to practice during the day or at night, and what are the benefits of your preferred time slot?

Forever King: I can practice any time of the day, I usually play during the day more

DF: How do you practice before tournaments, does your practice emphasis change just before an event?

Forever King: I try to play top players to get into the mindset of tournament mode, if I know who is in my path I will try to fight against their specific characters.

DF: If you lose in tournament, what is your go-to activity to help you get back up?

Forever King: Going to get some food finally 😋

DF: What side are you on this debate: Fans should not come up to a player who just lost for a photo or an autograph? Why do you think so?

Forever King: I'm fine with fans coming up to me after a loss, their positivity can maybe make my mood better. And I know they're coming from a place of respect so I can't really be mad at them for wanting to meet me.

DF: What tips would you give anyone on the best way to prepare for a tournament?

Forever King:  Best way to prepare for a tournament is be healthy, get alot of rest, drink a lot of water, eat healthy if possible, and practice against high level players if you can. If not at least go in training mode and make sure you got your BnBs down on the tournament setups.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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