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Brussels Challenge 2022: European Fighting Scene at its Best

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Brussels Challenge 2022: European Fighting Scene at its Best
Pic Source: Brussels Challenge on Twitch
A big offline event with quite a few tournaments

Fighting esports is blooming with all its beauty right now — we’ve witnessed some big events in the USA (Combo Breaker and CEO), and we are approaching EVO 2022. Also, Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2022 finished a few days ago, hosting top-level matches of the best players in Europe.

There were tournaments in 10 games. It’s a lot of fights, so why not focus on the most popular titles?

Here are the VODs and results of some tourneys from Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2022.

Guilty Gear -Strive- at Brussels Challenge 2022

Leffen and Skyll pretty easily defeated their opponents in the Winners Semi-Finals and then had pretty tough matches between each other. First, Leffen sent Skyll into the Losers bracket. Then Skyll defeated Leffen in the Grand Final. The ultimate victory is still of Leffen — with impressive confidence. Congratulations!

Dragon Ball FighterZ at Brussels Challenge 2022

Oniro lost to punda in the Winners Final and had to carve their way to the Grand Final through the Losers Bracket. But then, the player left no chances for the opponent. Oniro reset the bracket and won the Grand Final Reset 3:0. Congratulations!

If you like DBFZ, you might be interested in our recap of the World Championship Finals — please, take a look.

Tekken 7 at Brussels Challenge 2022 | Benelux Championship

ArtofAce finished the tournament undefeated. The player had a close match in the Winners Final against Promariokartplayer but then enjoyed a 3:0 victory against Draconis in the Grand Final. Congratulations!

Tekken 7 at Brussels Challenge 2022 | Dojo Prime

Super Akouma had a challenging time playing against G in the Winners Final but managed to win 3:2. His opponent for the Grand Final was Fergus. Super Akouma won 3:1. Congratulations!

The King of Fighters XV at Brussels Challenge 2022

Zouni faced three opponents in the Top 12 part: Victor, Cevo, and bubblanAB7. All of them were defeated! Zouni wins KOFXV Brussels Challenge 2022.  Congratulations!

DNF Duel at Brussels Challenge 2022

MysticSmash lost no rounds in the Top 12 part! The player defeated LeChatNoir, LukasDMania, and TalesOfMrE — all 3:0s. Congratulations!

Street Fighter V at Brussels Challenge 2022

Rikemansbarnet went a long way through the Losers Bracket to reach the Grand Final. The first match against Verdoyance was pretty confident, 3:0. In the Grand Final Reset, Rikemansbarnet won only in the last round, 3:2. Congratulations!

What an event it was!

It easy to expect Multiversus to join the lineup next year. The game is in Open Beta right now!

And if you enjoy a big variety of titles in the fighting games genre, here is another championship that happened on the same weekend — Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2022 Doubles.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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