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Brawlhalla Frenemy Frenzy 2023: A Moment to Shine

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Brawlhalla Frenemy Frenzy 2023: A Moment to Shine
Pic Source: Brawl League
Community tournaments give players a great opportunity to gain competitive experience and prove their mettle

We are pretty much in between two big official Brawlhalla events. The Summer Championship is over, and the Summer Royal is coming in around two weeks. For the esports competitors, it’s time to… train as hard as always. Someone is getting prepared for their Royale trip. And many others show their best in the August community fights.

It’s interesting to witness how shifts in motivation and tension let different players get their moments to shine at such tourneys. May this give the taste of victory to repeat such a success in the much more tough Official Championships?

Brawlhalla Frenemy Frenzy 2023 | Stream, Top 8

The best previous result for Mounir was reaching Top 8 at DreamHack Valencia (which is impressive, to be honest). For Frenemy Frenzy, the guy took Teros (Gruagach crossover) — and that worked well.

Mounir’s run wasn’t easy, obviously. The Semi-Final vs Delta required five games to get a winner. The opponent in the Final was also quite difficult — Neeze, who has some Royale experience.

After falling to Losers, Neeze had to win over Swata to still proceed to the Grand Final. 

Brawlhalla Frenemy Frenzy 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

Mounir got an early advantage in this match and reached a set/tournament point situation. But Neeze almost recovered to reset the bracket — almost. In a super close match, Mounir got this pretty important victory. Congratulations!

It would be interesting to follow the career of this player on the European and international scenes.

2v2 Brawlhalla Frenemy Frenzy 2023

Blew / Kresuu have been enjoying a pretty good year so far, being 4th in Valencia and 2nd at the Spring Championship. This time, they did not face one of the best teams in the Brawlhalla world directly, acno? / Blaze — but they defeated those who defeated the Spring 2v2 Champions. And they got a victory over Rayzox / Saphir twice.

Blew / Kresuu are the winners of 2v2 Frenemy Frenzy 2023. Congratulations!

Around a week ago, we could witness an interesting community event in North America — League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash. Hopefully, even more sponsors will find it beneficial to support the Brawlhalla esports scene.

Other regions also have community events in August. Please, check out this post for more info.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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