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Killer Instinct

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Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct


Ben Ferrins, a man turn to Cinder due to ULTRATECH's experimentations, now serves as one of their many strong fighters. The veteran turned paramilitary specialist flew too close to the sun in one of his most tense missions.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 3

  • Defense: 7

  • Mobility: 5

  • Range: 4




Cinder, real name Ben Ferris, had a successful career within the military. But once he entered his 30’s, he retired from it to pursue a larger pot of gold, paramilitary contracts. A man of his skills was very much in high demand. His disregard for alliances made him the perfect merc, working for whichever company was willing to pay the most.

One day he received a very lucrative offer. Infiltrate UltraTech’s research and acquire information related to “Project Cinder”. A challenge, as no one had ever heard of it before. As he spent day after day digging deeper into one of UltraTech's most secretive plans, he reached ever closer… too close.


For a man who is engulfed in flames, he is pretty calm and collected about it. In fact, he seems to have fun and rarely takes his position as Lieutenant within Ultratech seriously. Cocky, egocentric, and happy to egg on his opponent with made-up nicknames and insults. Nevertheless, he is smart and cunning. A man who wishes others would underestimate him just to prove them wrong. 


Cinder is a highly mobile character, often considered the most mobile one thanks to his backdash and ground/air-activated specials. Cinder can use this enhanced mobility to frame trap opponents and generally be oppressive. That freedom of movement, however, requires players who are committed to learning it. As such, he is not the best beginner pick.


A man permanently lit on fire. A horrible experiment left him in that state. His skin is said to resemble that of the sun as it is made up of pure plasma. Certain features, like his elbows and knees, show a rocky volcanic texture. His face twisted from the flames making him look almost alien as a result of the DNA experiments.

Key Information

Age: 31

Weapon(s): Fire

Height: 6'2" 

Weight: 195 lbs

Debut: Killer Instinct, 1994

Availability: Season 2

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