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Somé (そめ) is a Japanese professional Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player and TSC Smash Tohoku tournament staff from Miyagi Prefecture.

Hailed as one of the best Greninja players in the world, Somé is currently ranked 21st in the Japan Player Ranking with notable victories against top contenders like Etsuji, FatalityCaptainZack, and Umeki.

He is known for participating in the EVO Japan 2020 Tournament Super Smash Bros ultimate event where he ranked 65th place out of 2988 entrants with a set win rate of 75%.

Somé is a regular at Sumabato SP, Umebura SP, Karisuma SP, and TSC Tournaments and has taken 1st place at Karisuma SP4, 1st at TSC 11, and 7-8th at Sumabato SP4. He has also participated in tournaments like EGS Cup 3, Umebura Japan Major 2019 and Frostbite 2017.

Check out his YouTube channel for VODs.