• Trent Johnson
  • USA

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Trent Johnson "SiNNDrummer" is a competitive game player from the United States. He battles in disciplines such as Brawlhalla and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

SiNNDrummer mains Lei in Tekken 7 and Corrin in SSBU. He has also achieved Tekken prime god status with Noctis and Paul.

He has also competed and won 1st place at The Beast in the East 4, 9th at Tekken World Tour 2018 Online, 25th at The Fall Classic 2017, and 33rd at Final Round 2019.

At Bud Light Beer League Tekken East, SiNNDrummer ranked 5th with 75% set wins after being defeated by Nashi and Donte.

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