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  • Cath C.
  • Ireland

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Birthday : Aug 16, 2004 (19)
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Selkie's character usage stats

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Palutena0 %4
Pyra/Mythra0 %1

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Samus/Dark Samus
CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Samus/Dark Samus0 %3
Greninja0 %2

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Cathal Collins, also known as "Selkie" (previously BattlePuP and holopup) is a Super Smash Bros player from Ireland. Ranked 2nd nationally, they have competed in tournaments such as:
  • 2021: As1 Arena - Oct 16 (3rd), Cerulean Showdown #100: Last Hurrah (9th), Coca-Cola Breakpoint Ultimate Online 2021.4 (25th), EnvySnakes x Granit Singles Tournament #5 (EU & ME ONLY) (1st), Get On My Line 2021 - NA & EU Online SSBM/Ultimate Major (5th), InstaSmash 2021 Open 1 (7th), Invasion (25th), Lagspike #56 (2nd), Meteor #1 (17th), Rebellion Returns (7th), Regen Online (9th), SWT: Europe Ultimate Online Qualifier (33rd), The Pit! #25 (1st), The Training Arc (5th), Tournwaft #1 (9th), True Cryme (7th), Wario's Smash Down 2021 Week #41 (3rd), webSPELL Series #2 (3rd).
  • 2020: CGL Cash Grab 2 (5th), Collision Online (13th), ECLIPSE: Dusty_Carpet Edition, Mazer Gaming Smash 1k (17th), New Era 2 - The UK's first Ultimate Arcadian (17th), NINBOI'S POWER PLAY TOURNEMENT (3rd), Pound Online, Rebellion (3rd), Rev It Up: 2020 Series WiFi Major, Soaked Series Invitational (33rd), The Movement: A SmashUK Fundraiser For #BlackLivesMatter, Unification (7th), WiFi is SS-Tier! (49th).
  • 2019: Albion 4, Celtic Throwdown 2019 (3rd), CGL SMASH 7, Insomnia Dublin Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament (5th), Lag Spike: Merry Smashmas (9th), The Kingdom III, VCA Vienna Challengers Arena 2019.
Follow Selkie on Twitch where they also play games like Slay the Spire.
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