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  • Zach Strenkert
  • USA

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Birthday : Jan 25, 1995 (29)
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Zach Strenkert, also known as "Rhino" or "Opana," is an American Super Smash Bros player from New York.

In SSBU, he mains Byleth and Hero with Joker as secondary. In SSB4, he mains Ganondorf and is hailed as a top-notch Ganon player after uncovering unknown footstool combos.

Ranked 3rd on the Smash 4 Mid-Hudson Power Rankings and 10th on the Mid-Hudson Smash Ultimate Power Rankings, Opana has an overall set count of 64% and is a regular at EON @ Money G and Mega Smash Mondays.

Opana has also competed in ssbu singles and ranked 13th at Sweet Dreams, 25th at Dabuz's Galaxy Sized Journey To EVO, 129th at Collision 2019, 193rd at Let's Make Big Moves, and 385th at The Box.

Check out Opana's matches here.

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