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  • Leah Hayes
  • Japan

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Leah "gllty" Hayes is a retired fighting games player born in the USA, currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. Gllty was a Dhalsim and Menat main with an unusual playstyle that utilized tools these characters have for offence and pressure instead of their more traditional role of keep-out and zoning. This playstyle, combined with her skill, proved to be a challenge even for best SF players.

Some of her best results include 17th place at Frosty Faustings IX, 9th place at Naptown Clutch VI, 25th place at Absolute Battle 8, 49th place at EVO Japan 2018, 25th place at DreamHack Austin 2018, and 49th place at CEO 2019.

You can find gllty on Twitter and Twitch.

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