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Nathan "FoomsKong is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitor from Canada. Their key disciplines are Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they main Steve. 

Foom's career in competitive Smash began at Wellness Warzone in 2020 (SSBU). They have been playing Ultimate since, taking part in such notable events as: 

• 2020: Le'Veon Bell and Hungrybox Present: The Box, Online Gaming Crew Tournament 3 (7th place), Mega Smash Mondays Online 4, Mazer Gaming Gives Back, Collision Online, WiFi Immortal Fight Night #9, Vegas Games, ARK Weekly Tourney #6 (7th place), The Online Olympus, Random Only 2! (the second place), SOCK DRAWER TOURNEY (7th place), Mayo Fest Invitational! (the 3rd place), Meteor Smash Gaming (9th place), Peak Tournaments SSBU Online Weekly #62 (7th place), Melody #3 (the 2nd place), Smashing Legends #217, WSD: The WAH-loween special! (33rd place), Straight Outta Smashville: Arcadian Lost Chapter 7.1 (5th in doubles, 25th in singles), ULTIMATE 32, Smashing Legends #220 (9th place), Wario's Smash Down 2020 week #26 (17th place), Earthquake #64 (the 3rd place), Smashing Legends #221 (5th place), Change Your Fate #5 (the 1st place), Ultimate @ Xanadu Online 386.  

• 2021: KPU Weekly #73 (the 1st place),  Spike City #37, Wario's Smash Down 2020 week #36 (13th place), Earthquake #73 (the 1st place), Salt Flats 2021 Presented by Telus (13th place), Duck 'Em Up #9 (4th place), Waluigi's Smash Down #1 (13th place), Skeletal's Discord Tournament (New season + PR!), and others.