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  • Taylor Cummings
  • USA

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Taylor "FearCummings is a Tekken 7 competitor from New York CityUSA. Their main in T7 is Dragunov

Fear made their competitive debut at TEKKEN World Tour 2018 Online NA East in 2018 (T7), where they took 25th place. In the following years, they played at such notable events as: 

• 2019: NYC Tekken Monthly #8Summer Jam 13NYC Tekken Monthly #10 (9th place). 

• 2020: NYC TKN (PS4) Netplay Tourney #1 (the 3rd place), Mashfest & MasterInstinct preset: Isolation Tekken Online 10 (the 1st place), ELF x NYC Tekken - Lockdown League North-East.

• 2021: Combot Combat, ICFC NA SEASON 2 WEEK 2, NYC Tekken PC Netplay Tournament #12 (the 1st place), The Reversal Online #8 (the 3rd place), EQNX Online Dojo (9th place), $300 FIGHTING GAMEWORKS TUESDAYS (the 2nd place), and others.