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  • Jonathan Hancock
  • USA

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Jonathan ''Element'' Hancock is an American fighting games player from Port Orchard, Kitsap County, Washington.

As a Guilty Gear -STRIVE- player with Sol as main Element competed in such tournaments as Texas Showdown 2022 (7th place out of 225), Frosty Faustings XIV 2022Bonus Round: SFV & Strive (1st place out of 44), CEO 2021 Fighting Game Championships (25th place out of 748), Kumite in Tennessee 2021 (17th place out of 124) and BONUS ROUND: GUILTY GEAR STRIVE (1st place out of 60).

As a Killer Instinct player Element competed and finished 4th in #BringBackKI Tournament by Console Gaming League and Killer Instinct Evo2018, 5th in Frosty Faustings XI 2019, 7th in COMBO BREAKER 2022 and KI United, 13th in Lockout and CEO 2017, 17th in Texas Showdown 2022 and Ronin Rumble: Killer Instinct Edition and COMBO BREAKER 2019.

You can follow Element on Twitter and Twitch.

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