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  • Ethan K.
  • USA

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Ethan"Adastran" K. is a fighting games competitor from VirginiaUSA. Their key discipline is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they main Wii Fit Trainer. 

According to Smash Wiki, Adastran is ranked #16 on the MD/VA Power Rankings, and has taken sets from such players as Raito, iStudyingPuppeh, and ZD.

The earliest available record of Adatsran's competitive experience dates to Last Stock: US Arcadian by #HighPercen in 2018 (SSBU). They played SSBU in the following years, taking part in such notable events as: Glitch 6Gameworks Ultimate, Pound 2019, Zero to Death (4th place in singles, 2nd place in doubles), SuperFLEX: Gym Leaders (the 1st place), Ultimate at The Cave - SSC's Pre-Weekly (5th place), Super Smash Con 2019 (49th in singles, 25th in doubles), Throwdown Thursday #27 (the 1st place) and others. 

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