Vexed 500: A European SFV Tourney

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Vexed 500; A European SFV Tourney
Pic Source: Vexed Gaming on Twitter
Do you want to flex your skills and win a money prize?

Not every competitive player can visit huge esports events in the US, such as the recent Combo Breaker 2022. Thank goodness, we have plenty of online tournaments all over the world — and if you are in Europe, we have a Street Fighter event you might be interested in.

Vexed Gaming invites European players to join the fun on Friday, June 10th.

The community beyond Europe can join the official stream. Having Tyrant as a host promises us an excellent show.

Sure, we all are so excited about Street Fighter 6, but this current game will still remain a perfect competitive environment for quite a long time — so let’s enjoy SFV!

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