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Tekken 8 Devil Jin Guide by Roo Kang

Tekken 8 Devil Jin Guide by Roo Kang

Elizbar Ramazashvili
4 min
Guide by Roo Kang

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Master the dark side of Jin Kazama!

Tekken 8 has already established itself as a top game, and we love to collaborate with the pro players for the character guides. Today, our guest is one of the best players in Britain, it’s Roo Kang teaching us how to play as Devil Jin!


Devil Jin is really strong in Tekken 8. It’s a very aggressive game, and this suits Devil Jin to a tee. His wavedash gives him lots of options, and it’s really difficult to stop him when he gets going.

Best Buttons

Key Moves

  • 1,1 – great options after the string, into sidestep, backdash, keep checking your opponent. Only -1 on block. 1,1,2 is launch punishable, but many just let it rip.

  • df1 – weaker than it was in Tekken 7, and the followup 2 is a high, but it’s still an amazing move. Great as a round-ender.

  • d4 – a good low poke option, but be careful as it’s launch-punishable.

  • ff2 – great mid, decent tracking, Devil Jin’s Heat engager. Safe on block. Spam as much as possible.

  • b4 – a CH launcher for tremendous damage.

  • db2 – +3 on hit, -13 on block. Usually safe to just throw out, but beware of those who can launch you from it, like Kazuya.

  • ff4 – another CH launcher. Mix with wavedash. Sometimes works mixing into b3.

  • bf2,1 – safe on block, great tracking, variety of extensions.

  • f~d,df2Devil Jin’s electric. Great on block, amazing launcher, always use it if you can execute it.


Wavedashing is extremely important as Devil Jin, and it’s recommended for all the new players to take their time and practice it thoroughly. Electric is coming from the wavedash, as is his infamous Hellsweep. It’s Devil Jin’s be-all end-all move, as it leads to a lot of damage and is a crucial part of his gameplay. It is, however, launch-punishable on block and can lose you the game.

  • CD4 – the Hellsweep itself.

  • CD4,4 – doesn’t allow your opponent to recover any health.

  • CD1+2 – when your opponent is conditioned to duck the follow-up 4, hit him with 1+2.

  • CD3 – a launcher, which is crazy. Can be sidestepped, though.


  • F3 – Mourning Crow stance.

  • MC1 – +8 on block, but can be sidestepped.

  • MC2,2 – a very unexpected heat engager with lots of damage.

  • MC3 – great to do after a string like 1,1,2, or b1,2 as it limits your opponent's defensive options.

Heat Moves

  • CD1+2 – becomes a launcher in Heat. 

  • uf3+4,1+2 – huge damage, can be used as a whiff-punisher. It’s -15, but the pushback makes it safe.

  • f~d,df2 – you don’t need to do perfect input for the electric in Heat, just do the crouchdash option and it comes out.


  • 1,1,2

  • b1,2

  • WS4,4

  • WS2


  • Electric, electric, 3,1, 1, b2,1 df3,2,4

  • WS2, dash, u1+2, 3,1 bf2,1,2

  • WS2, dash, u1+2, 3,1 2, Heat Burst, uf1 2,2 Heat Dash, fNd,df1, hold up

  • Hellsweep, dash, ws1,1, 4,2,1+2

  • u4, hold up, 1 b2,1, df3,2,4

  • ss2, u1+2, dash 3,1,2 dash u1+2 dash Heat Burst uf1 2,2 Heat Dash, fNd,df1, hold up

  • During Heat - fNd,df1+2 f3 4,2,1+2

  • During Heat ff2 Heat Dash electric 1 b2,1 df3,2,4


Devil Jin is really, really strong in Tekken 8. His pressure is suffocating, he has really good damage, and comeback power. You need high execution though, and a good feel for the offence and defence balance.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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