Tekken 7: Lili Guide - Combos and Move List

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Tekken 7: Lili Guide - Combos and Move List
Moves, combos, hits, positions of Lili Tekken 7's edition
Lili Rochefort Move List (Command List) | TEKKEN 7 by Lady Onfire

In a duel, Lily combines street fighting techniques with gymnastics, which allows her to be one of the fastest fighters in Tekken.

Lily is a member of the Queen's Blade franchise and is also the "face" of the Tekken's brand promo company, because she received good reviews from critics and gamers.


Lily is the daughter of an oil tycoon who is considered a pacifist. She is his only child and is surrounded by care. Lily lived in Monaco with her father and butler.

She survived a kidnapping attempt at age 12. Thanks to fierce resistance, she managed to escape from bandits. Lily managed to defeat one of her captors and this left an imprint on her entire life. Lily's father wants her to be a real lady, not a fighter.

Once Lily found out that her father was having big problems with the sponsor of the Iron Fist tournament - Mishima Zaibatsu.

Assuming that Mishima could be a useful potential asset for her father, she decides to take part and win the tournament to end her father's business troubles.

Lili's combo

LILI Combo Guide | TEKKEN 7 by ahmz1404

These combos are safe and reliable for Lili:

  •      D/F+2,1,2,2,4, F, Rage
  •      D/F+2, B+2,1,2,4, F, Rage
  •      WS+2, 1,2,2,4, F, Rage
  •      WS+2, B+2,1,2,4, F, Rage

A little bit more risky Lili combo Tekken 7:

  • DF+2, DF+2, F+2,3, FF+3~F CD3+4, FF+3~F CD1,2
  • WS2, UF N 4, B+1~F~U, 2, D+2,2,3, FF+3~F CD1,2
  • D+3+4 UF N 4, B+1~F~U, 2, D+2,2,3, FF+3~F CD1,2
  • UF+3, DF+2, F+2,3 FF+3~F CD 3+4, FF+3~F CD1,2

Wall Ender - iWS1,2, 1+2, 1,2, F+4 or DF+3+4, 3+4.

Key Moves: B+1~F, DF+3, FF+3, CD 3+4, iWS4, iWR3, DF+1, QCF+1+2, F+2,3, D+3, D+4, BT 2, BT 1+2, D+3+4, B+1+2, DF+3+4

Standing Punishers:

  • i10: 2,4
  • i12: 1+2
  • i13: F+2,3
  • i15: UF+3
  • WS Punishers:
  • i11: WS4
  • i13: WS 1,2
  • i15: UF+3
  • i16: WS2 
TEKKEN 7 | Lili Rochefort intros and win poses by Lady Onfire