Street Fighter V Soundtrack is Now on Steam and Spotify

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Street Fighter V Soundtrack is Now on Steam and Spotify
Let’s dive into the atmosphere of this amazing fighting

One of the greatest things about fighting games is music that plays in the background. This aspect often seems to be not so significant, and still, with no soundtrack, any game would be somehow blank and even boring.

The most popular fighting games are well known for their great soundtracks. You can enjoy lots of tracks from the original games in Super Smash Bros. The whole Tekken series is filled with exceptional music. And what about Street Fighter V? Do you like the soundtrack of this Capcom game?

We’ll take it as a yes - because the SF5 music is really awesome! And now, you can enjoy it not only in the game but also beyond fighting. In a tweet, Capcom informed about adding Street Fighter V: Champion Edition soundtrack to Steam and Spotify. It’s also available on some other platforms.

What do you say? Is the SFV music already playing in your headphones? Please, be careful! Don’t fall into the fighting mood too strongly - you still aren’t Akuma and can’t perform Gohadoken in real life.

It’s nice to listen to game soundtracks while doing something else. Probably, the SFV music will be a decent background while you're reading this Street Fighter V guide on DashFight!