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Street Fighter V at Evo 2022: Your Top 8

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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Street Fighter V at Evo 2022: Your Top 8
Here are the men who made it into the top 8 bracket for SFV at Evo 2022

The Top 8 for Street Fighter V at Evo 2022 have been decided with some emotional matches and some intense moments on the way. 

Here are the players that made top 8

Top 8 Players

How it Shook Out

The top 16 was filled with stories of missed chances and great narratives. The first thing to note is that the top 8 is made predominantly of Japanese players, with four of them making it (all on winners' side), while we have two from the United States, one player from Europe, and one from Taiwan. 

Gachikun booked his place pretty easily with a 2-0 win over Justakid. But, the very next match was something special. Daigo was up against Higuchi whom he has a poor record against. The two players use Guile, and we have seen on several occasions how Higuchi's more offensive gameplay has been able to defeat Daigo's controlled aggression. But, on the main stage, Daigo's experience won through, and he took the game against Higuchi. 

Kawano booked his place with a good win over the very impressive Kudo. Kudo has been very prominent over the last 6 months or so doing really well at Combo Breaker and CEO, and even representing at the Red Bull Subway tournament. He can leave Evo with his head held high after a fantastic performance. Tokido also got the better of Angry Bird, and the top 8 winners' side was complete. 

Down in losers, Angry Bird came up against iDom and turned in a limp display barely giving iDom any trouble and crashing out in ignoble fashion. Then there was a truly emotional match between Justakid and ChrisCCH. Chris had been on a roll in losers' bracket with to huge scalps in MenaRD and Punk. Up against Justakid who has had a phenomenal 2022 and has improved exponentially. In a thrilling match that went all the way to the wire, Justakid just had more in him to take the win and make top 8. 

A truly emotional moment.

Mister Crimson also made his way into the top 8 against Kudo and in the final game, Oil King overcame adversity to end Higuchi's run in the tournament. 

Top 8 Fixtures

Daigo vs Gachikun

Kawano vs Tokido

Oil King vs Justakid

iDom vs Mister Crimson

Top 8 takes place tomorrow at 5pm PDT. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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