Street Fighter 6 Reveals Three New Characters

Femi Famutimi
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Street Fighter 6 Reveals Three New Characters
Zangief, Lily, and Cammy have now joined the fray

Still reeling from the announcement that Capcom plan to support the Capcom Pro Tour this season with a whopping $2 million, we have been hit yet again as Capcom seems determined to make everyone and their mother love Street Fighter 6.

There was initial disappointment when it was announced that Capcom would be making no announcements regarding Street Fighter 6 at Capcom Cup, but that has all been banished as we now have a trailer for three new characters joining the Street Fighter 6 roster. 

First, we have:


The Red Cyclone has been a stalwart of the Street Fighter series and is probably one of the most recognized grapplers in the game. Zangief is not typically a character that is considered high-tier, but he has a considerable following. In the trailer, we see he looks just the same as he always has, with a few modifications. We also caught a glimpse of some of his moves and you will be pleased to know that his Spinning Pile Driver is still available to him.


The British assassin is back, and she seems to be rocking a slightly different wardrobe. Gone is her green thong leotard and instead, she's rocking a jacket with the Union Jack design on the back and dark pants. She also retains most of her moveset like Canon Spike, Spiral Arrow and so on, but there seemed to be a new move that resembles Nash's, Moonsault Slash. What's more, she also does the infamous Cammy move from the movies as part of her super and she just looks so good. 

Finally, we have


Lily is related to T-Hawk, but unlike the hulking Thunderfoot chief, Lily is on the smaller side. She fights with two paddle like weapons called Quauhololli and seems to be very nimble. She is one that many would be interested in knowing more about, as Street Fighter 6 will be her debut.

It will be interesting to see if we get another beta test before SF6 releases and if any of these characters will be added to it, but we can assume that we will see some sort of showcase of the characters in the near future. 

Street Fighter 6 will be available from June 2nd and pre-orders are available now. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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